RFID Readers emit radio waves through the RFID Antenna to power up the RFID Tag to read or write data of the RFID Tag. Conventional RFID Tags has a unique ID that is issued by the manufacturer which means there is no RFID Tag with the same ID in the entire world. Memory of the RFID tag varies depending on the frequency it operates and the IC or chip it uses. It can be noted that liquid and metal can cause great interference on RFID Technology especially in UHF.

Reading Distance

  • Low Frequency(LF) – up to 30 centimeters
  • High Frequency(HF) – up to 1 meter
  • Ultra-High Frequency(UHF) – up to 20 meters

Reading distance is decided by the combination of RFID Reader, RFID Antenna, and RFID Tags used. Proper reading area is obtained by selecting the right combination of the three main components such as the Output Power of the RFID Reader, the type of Antenna to be used, and the RFID Tag’s sensitivity. It is a common misconception that buying the best or most expensive components is enough to get the best performance. REMINDER: Proper calibration is the most important factor in implementing an RFID system.

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